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“Boarding Buddy have been taking care of my 8 cats and 3 dogs for a number of years.   I go on holiday about every 3 months and require the trust of someone who will care for my pets with the same dedication I have for them.


Stephanie and her staff have always given me the service and the security we need.  She has my key and my trust.   While on my holiday she often posts pics of my pets on her Facebook page, and website.  It makes me feel so great to see that the dogs and cats are so well cared for.  The other thing that makes me so happy about Boarding Buddy's and the owner, Stephanie is that personally she knows all the pets she is taking care of; their quirks and personalities.  She never finishes an assignment without asking afterward about the well being of those in her charge.  I would recommend  Boarding Buddy's to anyone who wants their pets well cared for." 

Jonathan Miner, HuDad of Chico, Chika, Kai, Nam, Cosmo, Little Tube, Jun, Jazz. Furby, Yoyo & Arimau. 

"Thank You for taking care of Girl Girl and providing her a good home for the 8 days while I was away for CNY. :) You've made a difference for both of us. To me, you've given me a peace of mind from leaving her behind while I'd to go back to the East coast. To Girl Girl, she'd been comfortable and enjoyed herself to the max and made new friends (human+dogs). Boarding Buddy showed me that they really have the passion and love for dogs. They pay special attention to every dog's needs and provide the best they could for them. They are sincerely helping owners out there to provide a nice and home oriented boarding for their dogs while they are not around. Thus,I would highly recommend Boarding Buddy to every dog owners & lovers out there when they're planning for any trips and need to be away from their Furkid. :) Keep it up, Boarding Buddy!
Thanks, once again! "

Sylvia Chan, Girl Girl's HuMom

"When you have to travel, work late@nite or anything happened that is unpredictable and you have to think of where & what you should do to your beloved furkid? Don't think anymore, as I would suggest you give a call to "Boarding Buddy". They can take care of your furkids & you can rest assured of their best service & attention given to your furkids.


Whenever i have to travel or work late, I always have no worries of my dear "fluffy" as i know Stephanie will be taking care of her & she will definitely at good hand. Fluffy love going over to boarding buddy, as she have lots of friends & also she will not be bored alone at home. As for me, i am happy for her as at least when i am working i can rest assured of her having a great time over @ boarding buddy:)
I have never met a person who is so caring & also so passionate with dogs. I can ask her for any advise whenever I need & she is able to help me with very clear explanation & she even provides me lots of info when needed. I remember when I have to spay my dearest fluffy, she had helped me from A to Z till fluffy fully recover only I bring fluffy home to be with me. I will never forget that. "

Evelyn Lim, Fluffy's HuMom

"I am generally pretty reluctant to go on holidays because there aren't many people I'd trust to take care of my dogs... Not even my parents! Stephanie is pretty much the only person who I've boarded my dogs with, and not had a bad experience. The dogs have fun playing with Niji and Alfie, and it's great that I get to see pictures of them while I'm away. Also, they get to eat yummy treats (the dogs are huge fans of treats), and also play in Stephanie's awesome fabric castle.

My only concern is that when I get more dogs, all of them, wouldn't fit into Stephanie's place/schedule anymore!"

Su Ann Quah, Cadence & Lyra's Humom

Boarding Buddy

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