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Terms & Condition


Healthy & Tick/Flea/Worm/Mites Free

It is utmost important that you ensure your furkid(s) is healthy and has been treated for fleas/ticks and worms before arrival. ​Your FurKid(s) will be examined upon entering our house. If fleas or ticks are identified, the pet will receive an automatic flea/tick bath at the owners expense and an automatic surcharge of RM50.00 per dog will be charged for de-ticking.


Check-in & out during business hours! Monday - Friday only


Furkids may arrive and depart from 8am to 8pm. Reservations are required.  No walk-ins allowed.   Furkid(s) checking out after 8pm will be charge one night boarding rate.  


Cancellation Charges


A cancellation fee will be charged for bookings that are cancelled. 


Temperament Test

​If you wish to consider our services, we would like to encourage you to bring your dog around to our premises to check out our place and to integrate your dog with the rest of the regular ones which stays here. It is a great way to be assured that your furkid is getting the best care possible.


Bring your own food

A change of diet could very likely cause tummy problems so owners are advise to supply the furkids’ usual food.  We have a large freezer so home prepared food are welcomed. For your convenience, we do feed Coco & Joe Barf at a fee. Kindly contact us for the rate.


Vet Bills


Should your furkid(s) injure another furkid(s) or expose another furkid(s) to illness while in our home, you will be financially responsible for any and all vet bills incurred for treatment of such injuries/illness


Females on Heat! Intact Males!

We do not take females that are on heat or unnutered / intact males. This is for the safety and well being of all furkid(s) boarding with us. 


Extension of Stay


You should inform us should you extend your furkid(s) stay with us, at least 1day prior to the reserved pick-up date.  However, if we are not informed or if you do not pick up your furkid(s) 5 days after the reserved pick-up date, the fukid(s) will become ours and you will have no right whatsoever to reclaim back the furkid(s).


Bookings & Reservations

Full payment is payable on all bookings upon confirmation.  Please make your bookings early to avoid disappointment as we are able to only take in a maximum of 6 furkids at any one time. This limitation is place for the comfort and well being of your furkid and other furkids. We prefer cash payment and you could choose to perform an online transfer or cash deposit to Boarding Buddy Pet Relocation CIMB Bank 8010372328  (

No walk ins.  All visitation is by appointment ONLY.

Boarding Buddy

Home Boarding for Dogs​

Pet Relocation Specialist

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